Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) / Microneedling

What is CIT?

CIT is minimally invasive skin-rejuvination procedure.  A device with fine needles is used to create controlled skin injury that triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin. 

It can be safely performed on all skin types. 

What are some benefits of CIT?

- normalization cell-to-cell communication

- faster tissue repair and regeneration

- restoration of healthy keratin and melanocyte function

- optimized normal pigment / Skin coloration

- increases epidermal and dermal growth factors

- smooths fine lines and wrinkles

- reduces rosacea

- reduces acne, and post surgical scars

- reduces stretch marks

Pre-treatment Instructions;

- NO Accutane - 6 months prior

- Must wait 2 months if you had any Injectables (Sculptra...)

- Dermal fillers - wait 4 weeks

- Botox - wait 1-2 weeks

- IPL and laser tretments - wait 30 days

- No waxing, depilatory creams, or electrolysis - wait 5-7 days

- 3 days prior - No retinoids, topical antibiotics, exfoliants, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide

- if you taking Anticoagulants must be aware that you can bruise & bleed easily

What are some contraindications for the procedure?

- Keloid scars

- if you are pregnant or nursing

- hemophiliacs and other blood disorders

- uncontrolled diabetes

- compromised immune system

- active acne, nodular or pustular rosacea

What to expect after treatment?

- redness or sensitivity may be present and last up to 3 days

- flaking may start 3-5 days post CIT

- a week after procedure, most patients notice that their skin is smoother and more radiant

- although noticeable results may be obtained with single CIT treatment, the greatest improvement will be seen after a series of 3 to5 consecutive treatments.  The CIT treatment can be safely performed 4-6 weeks apart until the desired results are achieved.

                                                             EYEBROWS Micropigmentation


- It is manual method of implanting pigment

- creates crisp hair strokes

- not for every skin type

- may fade sooner than machine hair strokes

W - BROW (hyper realistic look)

- creates hyper realistic hairs, using PMU device and single needle to implant pigment

- multiple colors can be utilized to achieve most natural look

- safe for all skin types

- better, longer lasting retention then microblading


- can be done manually or with PMU device

- creates more makeup look

- safe for all skin types


Mild swelling, some redness for one or two days following the procedure.

Brows will appear too dark, too thick, color will soften in 7 - 10 days.

Peeling will start about 5-7 days following permanent make-up procedure. Do not pick or peel off! This will result in color

loss and/or scaring.  

Normally color will become 50% to 70% lighter in 10 days after procedure.

Color gradually comes back, however healed result will be lighter then right after the application.


You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.  


No Coffee, alcohol, or strong tea 24 hours before the appointment.

Avoid 2 week prior/ 4 weeks after; moisturizers, chemical peels (glycolic/phenol acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, Retin-A, Retinol)

Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds 4 weeks prior and 2 weeks after.

Avoid swimming pools, ocean, hot tubs, saunas and hot steamy showers for 2 weeks post procedure.

Accutane – recommended to stop one year prior the procedure, please consult with your doctor.

Botox –NO  botox at least 2 weeks prior the procedure, and 2 weeks after micropigmentation.

                                                                             EYELINER Tattoo


Moderate to severe swelling and redness (like you’ve been crying) immediately following the procedure. 

Mild swelling 1-3 days after.   Eyeliner will appear thicker and darker.  Some itching and feeling of dry eyes is normal.

As the skin begins to flake do not pick at it.  Any picking will result in loss of pigment and/or scaring.  It is normal to lose up to 70% of color after first application.

*No alcohol, no coffee, no strong tea 24 hours before procedure*


You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.


- DO not wear contact lenses for your procedure

- No makeup the day of the procedure

- No eyelash extensions

- You will need someone to drive you home



AVOID until healed

Any makeup around the eyes, Eye creams, Retin-A, lash extensions, direct sun exposure, swimming pools, oceans, hot tubs, saunas,

hot steamy showers.


Accutane – recommended to stop one year prior the procedure.

Botox – NO botox 2 week prior and 2 weeks after.

Restais (Cyclosporine) – can cause increased sensitivity of eyelid, ask your doctor if you can discontinue for 30 days prior permanent makeup eyeliner procedure, and resume 2 weeks after follow up appointment.

                                                                     LIPS Micropigmentation


Moderate swelling, tenderness usually one to two days following the procedure.    Color will appear too intense for 4-5 days. 

Peeling will begin, lips will be very chapped, DO NOT PEEL OFF.  Lips will remain a bit dry for about a month.  It is not uncommon to lose up to 70% of color after first application.



You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.


No coffee, alcohol, or strong tea 24 hours before the appointment.

NO lipstick 2 weeks prior procedure.

Avoid during healing:  direct exposure to sun, tanning beds, and self-tanners, swimming pools, ocean, hot tubs, saunas and hot steamy showers. 


*If you have history of cold sores/fever blisters you will be required to obtain a proper prescription from your physician to prevent

an outbreak.*

Accutane – recommended to stop one year prior the procedure

Botox – NO botox 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after any permanent make-up procedure.

         A+ Ocean Tattoo removal and Lightening

A+ ocean removal system utilizes hyper-tonic sterile saline solution to naturally remove/lighten cosmetic and conventional tattoos. 

During the removal process pigment is slowly drawn out of the cells.  During healing, scab is formed and unwanted pigment falls off with it.  This is a multi step procedure, does not permanently damage the skin. 

The success of Permanent Makeup removal/lightening varies greatly depending on the age, concentration of pigment as well as how deeply it was placed.