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Cleft Lip Restoration Tattoo

1.  What is it?


      Cleft lip restoration tattoo is a form of medical tattooing used to reconstruct cupid’s bow, balance asymmetry, restore color in the scarred areas for more natural and defined lips.


2.  When is it safe to do restorative lip blush tattoo on scars from cleft lip surgeries, or any other scarring on       lips? 


      It is recommended that the scars are at least one year old to make sure the skin is fully healed.  

Any scars that are less than a year old will respond negatively to the tattooing, the area will be very sensitive and barely retain any pigent.  


3.  Does cleft lip tattooing hurts?


     Normally lip blush procedure is very tolerable by clients, especially when the numbing cream is applied.  You may feel a little more discomfort in the actual scar area, particularly when the scar is fairly new.


4.  Is cleft lip / restorative lip blush procedure different form regular Lip blush?


    Restorative lip blush procedure is an advanced technique of lip blush tattoo.  It requires deeper knowledge of skin and scar tissues, as well as different techniques of pigment application in the area.  In addition to needle and equipment knowledge, it is important to choose the correct pigment colors so that the lip can look natural and uniform.


5.  How long will it take to heal?


     The initial healing will take about 7-10 days, that involves slight flakiness of the lip skin.

Complete healing, and color stabilization will take about 6-8 weeks.  That would be the time to schedule your touch up session.

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