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Frequently Asked Questions   

Q. What are some differences and similarities between Microblading and other Permanent Make-up procedures?

A.  Some differences and similarities are: 

*Microblading  (Cosmetic Tattooing) is a manual method of implanting pigment using disposable hand held tool that delivers the pigment into the skin and in Permanent make-up or Micropigmentation, Cosmetic tattooing device is used to gently implant pigment into the skin using  fine, disposable needles.

* Both methods are forms of Cosmetic Tattooing,  design to implant the pigment into papillary-reticular junction (upper layer) of the dermis.

*Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing can equally create beautiful 3 D brows/Hair stroke brows as well as Softly shaded brows when done correctly.

Q.  Does the application of permanent cosmetics hurt?

A.  Although degree of discomfort varies depending on individual's pain threshold, application of permanent make-up involves minor discomfort.  Topical anesthetic is applied 15-20 minutes prior the procedure, to ensure you are comfortable.

Q.  How long does a procedure take?

A.  The length of the permanent make-up procedure may vary, depending on the procedure itself, however most initial visits are scheduled for 2-2.5 hours.

Q.  How can I ensure my new permanent make-up will be long lasting?

A.  To ensure you will be satisfied with your results and enjoy your new look for extended period of time, you must strictly follow after care instructions provided for good healing and retention.

For long term care it is recommended to protect your new cosmetic tattoo from UVA and UVB radiation with moisturizing cream/lip balm with minimum SPF 15.

 Q.  Who can benefit from Permanent Cosmetics?

    *People with eyebrow hair loss from prolonged waxing, tweezing or medical conditions.

     * People with asymmetrical eyebrows and/or lips.

     *Anyone struggling with sensitive skin, seasonal allergies, or allergic reactions to conventional Makeup.

     *People with poor vision without eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision loss due to eye conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration.

    *Anyone with unsteady hands due to muscle weakness, joint pain, or motor skill impairment which makes applying makeup challenging, e.g. Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid  Arthritis, stroke survivors...

   *People with busy lifestyles, participating in sports,(swimming, dancing,exercising)


Q.  What is the required waiting period for some other cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures prior to having permanent make-up?

* Latisse - 2 weeks off of the latisse before eyeliner tattoo.

*Lasik or Cataract surgery - 4 weeks prior and 3 months post-op.

*Fillers (Juvaderm, Silk, Sculpta, Voluma, Restylane, etc.) - wait 4 weeks

             It is better to perform micropigmentation prior to any injectables.

*Botox - 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after procedure.

*Accutane - must wait one year.  (this and other medications like Retin-A and topical steroids can make skin too fragile for any type of cosmetic tattooing).

*Suntanning, tanning beds - 4 weeks

*Any Laser treatment (including removal) - 8 weeks before proceeding with new procedure.

*Retinols, Retin-A, Glycolic Acid (A.H.A), Vitamin A creams, Vitamin C peels - 2 weeks before and 4 weeks after the treatment.

*IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) - 1 week

*Electrolysis - at least 5 days before and 2 weeks after cosmetic tattooing

*Waxing - at lest 48 hours before, 2 weeks after procedure

*Eyebrow Tinting - minimum 2 weeks before and 6 weeks after touch up appointment

Q. What are some contraindications for permanent make-up procedure?


*Micropigmentation or otherwise known permanent make-up procedure should not be performed if you are pregnant or nursing

*If you are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, procedure will have to be postponed till your treatment is completed.   

*If you feeling sick with flu/ fever, You must call and reschedule your visit.

*If you have tendency for Keloid Formation or hypertrophic scars.

Q. What are some medical conditions that require Medical Clearance / Pre-medication before cosmetic tattooing?

*Mitral valves prolapse, Artificial Valves, stents, pacemakers - medical clearance and pre-medication

*Artificial Joints - medical clearance and pre-medication

*Organ Transplant - medical clearance and  pre-medication

*Insulin Dependent Diabetes - medical clearance and pre-medication

*Lupus / Autoimmune Disease - medical clearance and pre-medication

*Seizures - Medical clearance

*Fever blisters (cold sore)- pre-medication (for lips permanent make-up)

*Blood Thinners, Steroids - medical clearance

*Shingles history - medical clearance and pre-medication

*Blepharitits - medical clearance

*Eye Diseases (Glaucoma, Graves' Disease) - medical clearance

*Active dermatological disorder (Psoriasis, Eczema, Lichten Planus, active herpes simplex or zoster, atopic dermatitis, rash) - medical clearance

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