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Moderate to severe swelling and redness (like you’ve been crying) immediately following the procedure. 

Mild swelling 1-3 days after.   Eyeliner will appear thicker and darker.  Some itching and feeling of dry eyes is normal.

As the skin begins to flake do not pick at it.  Any picking will result in loss of pigment and/or scaring.  It is normal to lose up to 70% of color after first application.

*No alcohol, no coffee, no strong tea 24 hours before procedure*


You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.


- DO not wear contact lenses for your procedure, you will need to switch to wearing glasses for 1-2 days post treatment.

- Please don't wear any makeup around eyes the day of your appointment

-Lash extensions should be removed minimum 3 days before

- Do not tint or lift your lashes 2 weeks before procedure 

-Avoid using lash enhancement serums of at least 3-6 months prior eyeliner tattooing.

- Please try to avoid Alcohol and Caffeine on the day of your appointment.



AVOID until healed (5 days)

- Any makeup around the eyes, Eye creams, Retin-A,

- lash extensions,

- direct sun exposure,

- swimming pools, oceans, hot tubs, saunas,

hot steamy showers.


Accutane – recommended to stop one year prior the procedure.

Botox – NO botox 2 week prior and 2 weeks after.

Restais (Cyclosporine) – can cause increased sensitivity of eyelid, ask your doctor if you can discontinue for 30 days prior permanent makeup eyeliner procedure, and resume 2 weeks after follow up appointment.

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