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- It is manual method of implanting pigment

- creates crisp hair strokes

- not for every skin type

- may fade sooner than machine hair strokes

- touch ups required approximately every 18 months

W - BROW, NANO Brow (hyper realistic look)

- creates hyper realistic hairs, using PMU device and single needle to implant pigment

- multiple colors can be utilized to achieve most natural look

- safe for all skin types

- gentler on skin compared to Microblading

- not suitable for most coverups or corrections

- not suitable for someone looking for defined look

- touch ups required appropriately every 2 years


- can be done manually or with PMU device

- can be soft or more defined 

- safe for all skin types and all ages

- best option for cover up or correction of old permanent makeup

- gentler on skin then microblaiding



Brows Tattoo

If your brows were previously tattooed not by me, and are faded to unwanted colors

like gray, blue, red, salmon, purple or green I will need to do a correction or removal before creating new brows for you. 

Correction are more complicated and require expertise knowledge about pigmentology

and color theory, therefore price will be determined upon in person consultation.

Depending on complexity of the correction, 3 sessions may be required to achieve

desired results.

Eyeliner Tattoo

If your eyeliner was previously tattooed not by me and healed patchy, blue,

 uneven, and/or wing is pointing in wrong direction, I will need to see you 

for in person consultation prior the actual procedure to asses if anything can

be improved.  Price will be decided at the consultation.


Minimal swelling, some redness for one or two days following the procedure.

Brows will appear too dark, too thick, color will soften in 7 - 10 days.

Peeling will start about 5-7 days following permanent make-up procedure. Do not pick or peel off! This will result in color loss and/or scaring.  

Normally color will become 50% to 70% lighter in 10 days after procedure.

Color gradually comes back, however healed result will be lighter then right after the application.


You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.  


- No Coffee, alcohol, or strong tea 24 hours before the appointment.

- Avoid 2 week prior/ 4 weeks after; moisturizers, chemical peels (glycolic/phenol acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, Retin-A, Retinol)

- Brow tinting can be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after brow tattooing

- Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds 4 weeks prior and 4 weeks after your touch up, it is not recommended to go tanning in between the initial and touch up session, remember to apply SPF after your brows are fully healed 

- Avoid swimming pools, ocean, hot tubs, saunas and hot steamy showers for 7 - 10 days post procedure.

- Accutane – recommended to stop one year prior the procedure, please consult with your doctor.

- Botox –NO  botox at least 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after micropigmentation.

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