Magdalena Zak
EverlastInk Beauty,Inc Owner
Certified Paramedical Tattoo Artist 
Certified Pemanent Makeup Practitioner,

PhiBrows Artist,
Certified CIT professional
Certified Botched Ink Removal Technician

Certified Li-Ft Technician
AAM Associate Member


          Hi, my name is Magdalena Zak, I am a woman just like all of you ladies.  I wear many hats, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a chef, a nurse, an artist and many more roles I'm sure.  I have 3 beautiful children that keep me busy.  Being a mom is definitely number one priority in my life.  However, since my early years I was always interested in art.  It was my safe haven, an escape form reality,  a little bubble where no one existed but me.  Whenever I was feeling emotional, happy or sad, I picked up my pencil and started drawing.  It really felt like meditation to me.  I find that same peace and relaxation when I'm doing cosmetic and paramedical tattooing or permanent makeup.  Of course in the beginning it was quite stressful thinking that I'm about to create something permanent on a person's face but somehow during the procedure it always felt extremely relaxing.  

          In my eyes permeant makeup should look very natural, not overdone.  It should complement your face, make it look fresh and ready to go with your daily routine.  Permanent makeup should restore balance to your face, make it look youthful.  However, it will not replace the need for conventional makeup when celebrating special occasions like wedding or birthdays.  

        In my Permanent makeup career, I have taken many coursed with artist form around the world, studying different techniques and styles of micropigmentation.  Each and every one of those classes offered me deeper understanding of permanent makeup and brought my skills to the next level.  I am very thankful to have met such great artist like Kristina Melnicenco who taught me Ombre brows, eyeshadow eyeliner and aquarelle lips techniques.  Dora Holos and Nataliya Yeremenco from who I gained deeper understanding of hyper realistic brows look (w-brow technique).  

         Given the extensive education, attention to detail and natural artistic abilities I understands that everyone is unique and requires different approach in creating the perfect brows, eyes or lips.  There is no cookie cutter brows at Everlastink Beauty.

           EverlastInk Beauty, Inc. is a state of the art, certified and fully insured permanent makeup studio located on Long Island NY.  The company adheres to strict OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control guidelines.  All procedures are performed using the latest digital device, disposable tools, as well as the safest industry proven pigments.